Notice for Regsitration of 2019 Spring Semester

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The coming semester will begin on March 1, 2019.Please come to the International Student Office for registration during the period from February 26 to February 28.The office is on the 2ndfloor of No. 2 Building, International School of Chinese Studies,Yanta Campus, Shaanxi Normal University.


Please download and read the “SNNU Guidance of Registration for International Students” for more information at below on this page. Please also fill up the attached accommodation booking form and email to within one week after you receive the admission notice.


Students should register during the required time period. Don’t come to register one week earlier before the required time. Students who cannot register at the required time period should email explain the reason for overdue registration. Students who don’t register 2 weeks after the required time period without any notice will be regarded as voluntary dropout.

临行前的准备清单Checklist before departure

·附有有效来华签证的护照原本Passport with valid visa

·录取通知书原件Original Admission Notice


Original JW202 or JW201Form (only for X1 visa holder)

·相关学历证书(学历生)Relative diploma documents (degree program students)

·在原籍国购买保险证明(非强制)Insurance document (optional)

·在原籍国健康体检报告(非强制)Physical examination result report (optional)

·1寸照片2张、2寸照片4张Two2.5*3.5cm photos and4passport photos

·机票Airplane ticket or itinerary


电 话Tel:(00-86-29)-85303761 (00-86-29)-85307408 (00-86-29)-85303569

传 真Fax:(00-86-10)-85303653


  SNNU Guidance of Registration for International Students.doc

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