Shaanxi Normal University is distinguished by its delicious food and dining service.  There are all together 7 canteens in the Yanta campus.  1 Western food canteens and 1 Chinese food canteen in the Xueshu Hotel are at your service. Xuezi Shifu Canteen is the biggest one of the campus where more than 200 kinds of food are for your choice. The food of the second floor of Xuezi Shifu Canteen enjoys a high popularity.
      Across from Xuezi Shifu Canteen is Moxiang Zhai Canteen (Muslin Dining Hall). Food there is mainly made from beef and mutton. Next to Moxiang Zhai Canteen is Yuanding Noodles Hall, specially designed for varieties of noodles and dumplings. All canteens in campus are neat and clean. The quality and safety of all food are guaranteed. It is an enjoyment to devour delicacies after a day-long studying.
      Around the campus, many delicious foods are waiting for your taste. Out of the New West Gate, kinds of restaurants offer fantastic foods and dining service. Shida Road is another concentration of delicacies. Cafes, pizza restaurants and beverage stores are ready for you. You can taste different kinds of food within 400 meters.

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