• San Qin International Student Scholarship of Shaanxi Province

    1. Requirements
     Applicants should be a non-Chinese citizen and holds valid passport issued by a foreign country. 
     Applicants must be a registered degree program student who has already finished one academic year study in Shaanxi Normal University.
     Applicants must have a favorable performance at school without any record of violating any laws of China or regulations in school.
     Applicants should have a good performance on the exams and provide Chinese HSK certificate. The exam grades of the current academic year should at least be above the B level
     Students who have already be granted any scholarships like the Chinese Government Scholarship should not apply this scholarship.
     Other basic requirements for the applicants

    2. Categories and Criteria

    3. Application Materials
    1. Application form of the San Qin International Student Scholarship of Shaanxi Province
    2. Copies of passport and current visa 
    3. Latest diploma or  academic certificate acquired (like graduation certificate)
    4. Academic Transcripts in the current university
    5. Original Recommendation Letters written by two professors or associate professors (Only required for the master degree applicants and PhD applicants)

    4. Application Deadline 
    Before September 25 each year
    Please check the posted notice for the exact time in September.

    5. Contact
    International Student Office
    Ms. Wang, Ms. Zhang
    Tel: 029-85307408
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