From September 2015, Shaanxi Normal University has set up an accommodation discount for international students.
The maximum discount on accommodation cost is 32% for eligible students!
Here are discount eligibility requirements and dormitory introductions:

Application Eligibility:
1. Students who enrolled after September 2015
2. Students who have good attendance record in previous semester
3. Only for students who live in Tian Tan Xuan Dormitory and NO.1 International students Dormitory





Conditions: TV cable, Internet, Air-conditioner and heat, 24 hours hot water in shower


1、 1个月内 120元/天•间 120yuan/day/room within one month

2、 6个月内 100元/天•间 100yuan/day/room more than 1 months less than 6 months

3、 6个月以上 80元/天•间 80yuan/day/room more than 6 months


1、 住宿费必须在每月初交清当月房费,如果愿意的话,也可支付更长一段时间。

Students should pay the fees monthly at the beginning of each month. You are welcome to pay longer time if you will.

2、 有住宿补贴的奖学金生应根据奖学金住宿补贴金额及留学生管理办公室的住宿介绍信补交住宿差额。

Scholarship students who have accommodation subsidy should pay the balance according to your subsidy criteria and the letter issued by international student office.

3、 合住留学生将按照他们每人居住时间长短来交纳房费,如果两人居住时间一样,每人将各承担一半费用。

Students need pay the fees according to the number of days they lived in the hotel. If two students share one room and live exactly the same days, they will bear half of the whole cost each.

4、 留学生若在入住两日之内搬离,房费需按门市价180天/晚/间缴纳。

Students should pay the regular rate 180yuan/day/room if they live there less than 2 days.

5、 留学生在未住够所订时间之前退房,必须根据留学生上述住房收费标准付清差额。

If the students check out earlier than the reservation period, they should pay the balance according to the rate showed above.

6、 学生入住之前除当月房费之外还需缴纳1200元押金,退房时可退还。

Students should pay 1200yuan as a deposit before check-in which will refund to the students when they check-out.

7、 房费含水、电费。Water and electronic charge are included in the room charges.

8、 房费不含早餐。Breakfast is not included in the room charges.

9、 房费不含市话、国内长途。Telephone bills are not included in the fees.


The receipt of deposit should be kept safe for that will be used when check out.

Attachement:Accommodation Booking Form

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