• 1. Program Introduction

    This program is a 4-year program specially designed for international students only. Students are required to complete the curriculum and fulfill the designated number of credits. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the bachelor’s degree, according to the regulation of the Degree Committee.


    2. Application Prerequisites

    (1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport.

    (2) Applicants must be above the age of 18 and under the age of 50,healthy.

    (3) Applicants must have attained a senior high school diploma.

    (4) Applicants can have no Chinese proficiency.


    3. Application Procedures

    Please log on to the website https://snnu.17gz.org/member/login.do, register, fill in the content and upload the required documents:

    ●Senior high school graduation diploma (Students expecting to graduate should provide an official letter stating expected graduation date, and submit the graduation diploma if admitted), which should be original documents or notarized copies in Chinese or English

    ●Official transcripts of your academic achievement up to the present, including courses taken and standard achieved (original documents or certified copies in Chinese or English)

    ● Scanned copy of your valid passport (passport type must be ordinary)

    ● Passport-style photograph


    4. Application Period

    20th April-20th June every year


    5. Enrollment Majors

    Chinese Language and Literature

    Chinese Language (Business Chinese oriented)


    6. Scholarship

    For undergraduate applicants, we offer Chinese Government Scholarship, you can apply through the Chinese embassy in your home country, please click and check Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program for further information.


    7. Registration Period

    September every year (specified in the Letter of Admission)


    8. Fees


    Study Period

    Tuition (RMB)



    Social Science

    Science & Technology



    One Semester





    One Year






    9. Medical Insurance
    All international students must be medically insured throughout their entire planned period of study. Students are required to purchase the Comprehensive Insurance Plan of Foreign Students on the day of registration. The insurance fee is RMB400 for one semester or RMB800 for two semesters. Students who do not have valid medical insurance will not be allowed to register.


    10. Accommodation

    Please click and check the further information:http://admission.snnu.edu.cn/EN/Info/info8.asp?id=63

    11. Contact Information

    Postal Address:P.O. Box 2, International Students Office (ISO), Shaanxi Normal University, No. 199, Chang’an Nanlu, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

    Post Code:710062

    Tel : 86-29-85303761

    Fax : 86-29-85303653

    E-mail: iso@snnu.edu.cn

    Application website: http://iso.snnu.edu.cn/


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