• 1. Program Introduction

    Chinese Teachers Training program will act a very significant role to improve the comprehensive quality of Chinese teachers, enhance the development of global Chinese teaching into a more standard, regulated and professional direction, and meet the requirement of doing a better job on the global Chinese teaching and Chinese culture spread. The Chinese teachers training program aims to give Chinese teachers guidance on the teaching skills and methods; let them have an immersed experience about Chinese history and culture; provide an opportunity to let the Chinese teachers from all over the world exchange ideas; give a firm push on the development of overseas Chinese Teaching. This program is available for application all year long. The program duration can be from one week to one month long. Besides the training course on the Chinese teaching, it will also offer lectures about Chinese classical poetry, Chinese folk arts, Chinese songs and dances, and excursions around Xi’an to deeply experience the cultural and historical heritage. 

    2. Application Requirements
     Only applications as a group like an institute or school can be accepted; individual application will not be accepted.
     Applicants should be aged from 20 to 60 and are willing to engage themselves to the Chinese teaching all over the world  

    3. How to Apply
    Online application: The International Student Office of SNNU will provide an account for the organizing part to fill up the application information and upload required documents online at https://snnu.17gz.org/member/login.do.
    Documents need to be uploaded are:
    ● Applicants passport scanned copy
    ● Applicants passport photo

    4. Application Time
    Available for all year long

    5. Program Time
    It’s based on the application time. Please refer to the program agreement or organizing report after application for the exact time.

    6. Fees (RMB yuan)

    7. Proposed Schedule

    8. Contact
    Address: No.199, Chang’an South Road, International Student Office, International School of Chinese Studies, Shaanxi Normal University, Yanta Campus.
    Postcode: 710062
    E-mail: iso@snnu.edu.cn
    Tel: (86-29)-85303761   (86-29)-85307408
    Fax: (86-10)-85303653   Website: http://admission.snnu.edu.cn/

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