• 1. Program Introduction

    There are two time periods for language program application, respectively spring semester and autumn semester. The study time duration is both 18 weeks every semester. Students will be placed into 6 classes of three levels: beginner level, medium level and advanced level. Students who want to pursue degree program can apply to transfer from language program to the bachelor degree program of Chinese Language and Literature after taking relevant exams. 

    2. Application requirements
    1. Applicants should be physically and mentally healthy and aged from 18—50
    2. Applicants should be non-Chinese nationality and have diploma at least higher than high school graduation certificate
    According to the regulations issued by the Ministry of Education PRC, immigrated applicants who are originally citizens of China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan should get the foreign nationality before April 30, 2010 and have an actual residence record longer than 2 years after April 30, 2010. (The record will be examined by the entry and exit stamp on passport. Equal or more than 9 months actual residence record can be counted as one year).
    3. Applicants should be capable of affording all the study and living cost in China.

    3. How to Apply
    Fill up the online application at:https://snnu.17gz.org/member/login.do
    Documents need to be uploaded online are:
     Latest Diploma (at least higher than high school; if applicants are the senior student can upload pre-graduate certificate; all the documents should be written by Chinese or English, otherwise should be translated and notarized Chinese or English documents)
     HSK Result Report (optional )
     Passport Scanned Copy
     Passport photo

    4. Application time:
    Spring Semester: November 15 - January 15
    Autumn Semester: May 15- July 15

    5. Scholarships
     Students can apply the CSC scholarship-Bilateral Program through Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their own country. Please click CSC scholarship-Bilateral Program for detailed information.
     Students can contact International Student Office through phone call 0086-29-85303761 or via email at iso@snnu.edu.cn for information of scholarships available for new applicants.

    6. Enrollment Time
    Normally it’s March 1st for spring semester and September 1st of autumn semester. Please refer to the Admission Notice for exact time of registration. 

    7. Fees (RMB yuan)

    8. Insurance
    The ministry of education PRC regulated that international students must purchase insurance during the study time in China. Students should pay 400yuan half a year or 800 yuan/year at registration. Students who don’t have any insurance or refuse to purchase insurance will not be registered.

    9. Accommodation
    Please click and check the further information:http://admission.snnu.edu.cn/EN/Info/info8.asp?id=63

    10. Contact
    Address: No.199, Chang’an South Road, International Student Office, International School of Chinese Studies, Shaanxi Normal University, Yanta Campus.
    Postcode: 710062
    E-mail: iso@snnu.edu.cn
    Tel: (86-29)-85303761   (86-29)-85307408
    Fax: (86-10)-85303653   Website: http://admission.snnu.edu.cn/ 

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