Notice about Excellent International Students Scholarship of the Academic Year 2016/2017

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According to the official document issued by the Ministry of Education, there will be Excellent International Students Scholarship of the Academic Year 2016/2017 for the purpose of encouraging the international student to study diligently and achieve the outstanding academic results. For those who meet the requirements please apply as soon as possible. 

1.  Supporting Students Categories

It is open to the international students who are the undergraduate and postgraduate students in the second year or higher grade, except those who will graduate this year, both self-paying and scholarship students can apply.

2.  Scholarship Amount

For undergraduate students: 15000RMB per person

For postgraduate students: 30000RMB per person

3.  Scholarship Seats

According to the document, our university can recommend 3 students to compete with other university students, Chinese Government Council will finalize the final candidates according to the applicants’academic performance, research papers and other performance in China.

4.  Eligibility

1) Have good scores in all courses and the outstanding ability to study and do research, those who have already had the research results will be in the priority

2) Be friendly to China and perform well in China

3) Abide by the laws and regulations, physically and mentally healthy with multiple development

4) Actively participate in all the activities, those who have already done the outstanding deeds will be in the priority

5) Under the same conditions, the students with financial difficulties will be in the priority

5.  Application Procedures

Apply in person→School review→University review→Publicity in the university→CSC finalizes the final candidates

6.  Application Materials

1) Application form (See the attachment)

2) Transcript issued by your school

3) Recommendation letters (including academic performance and activity participations and etc.)from the supervisors

4) Other materials which can manifest your excellence like research papers, awards, videos

7. Deadline and Contact Information

Please submit all materials before 21th June to the International Students Office

Contact person: Li laoshi 85303761


Attachment:Application Form

International Students Office

16th June, 2016

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