When should I arrive in China after I get the visa in my country?
We recommend you arrive one week before registration date. Most students can apply an X visa which is only valid for 30 days with the admission letter and JW202 form received from SNNU. Some students will enter China with a tourist visa for one month. Both X visa and L visa holders must apply for a residence permit after your entry to China, you need time to get the temporary residence registration form and do the physical exam before you apply for the residence permit. So we suggest you do not arrive too early, one week before registration date will be fine. You will have enough time to process all the procedures with the help of the International Student Office. Note: According to the laws and regulations of China, within 48 hours upon your arrival, you must register at the local police station if you live off-campus. Please take your passport, photo, contract and other certifications to the local police station with your landlord to get the Temporary Residence Registration Form.
May I apply for the residence permit with the “Registration Form for Temporary Residence” submitted out of Shaanxi?
No. You must present the Shaanxi “Registration Form for Temporary Residence”.
After admission, how long could I apply for the residence permit?
The valid period of the visa shall be within the valid period of the passport, and at the same time, shall not exceed the tuition payment period. If you pay for one semester, you will get a visa for one semester, if you pay for one year, you will get a visa for one year.
I am an international student studying in a Chinese university (senior high school), is it necessary for me to return to my home country and apply for X visa in Chinese embassy (consulate general)?

If you have the residence permit or other valid visa, you are not necessary to your home country for re-application and the school could help with the application.

If I apply for school suspension or quitting, is it necessary for me to change the residence visa into
Yes. Otherwise the residence permit will be cancelled forcibly and you will be put on the blacklist, which will affect the future entry into China. In addition, students of a few countries could change (shorten) the residence permit period by application to cancel the visa. The above two means require at least five working days for the procedures.
Why Shaanxi Normal University?

1.    The University is situated in the world famous historical and cultural city---Xi’an, which is also the starting place of the famous “Silk Road”; the birthplace of Chinese civilization; ranked as one of the four great ancient capitals of the world with Athens, Rome and Cairo; the city where “the eighth major miracle of the world” Terra Cotta Warriors and horses is located

2.    Adjacent to the well-known Big Wild Goose Pagoda of Tang Dynasty

3.    One of the six normal universities directly administered by the Ministry of Education ofChinaand under the key construction of the nation’s “211”Project

4.    Offers a wide range of disciplines, beautiful campus environment, offers undergraduate courses to international students majoring in Chinese language studies and provides long and short term Chinese language courses, has a full range of programs for educating different students, from language students to undergraduate, masters and doctoral students

5.    More than 50 years professional experience of teaching international students

6.    The first Chinese Education Base of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council inNorthwest China

7.    A Test center for the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)

8.    A Key university to receive Chinese Government Scholarship students

9.    Offers free courses of Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese painting, folk songs, folk dances, Tai Chi Quan, Chinese movies

10.  Student canteens supply various kinds of delicious food, win the laudatory title of “eating inShaanxiNormalUniversity” in universities of Xi’an

What’s the use of my student ID card?
1) After getting your student ID card, you can use free SNNU WIFI on campus. The username is your student ID number, and the password is  snnu+your student ID number. 
2) You can deposit money into your student ID card and have meals in canteens.
3)  Without student ID card, you cannot get access to the library.
Do I need to take the entrance exam? If so, when should I take the exam?
Language students, undergraduates, general visiting students and senior visiting students don’t need to take the entrance exam.  Language students will take a placement test on registration day.
Do I need to take a physical exam at my own country before heading for China?
It’s up to the Chinese embassy at your own country. If they say that you are required to take a physical exam before heading for China, you will have to go to the appointed hospital to have your body check-up. If they say that you don’t need to take a physical exam, you don’t need to do it. After arriving in China, you will have to go to the appointed health center here to take a physical exam or have your original physical exam report you got at your own country notarized in a bid to have your visa changed into residence permit that is a multiple entry visa.
How to get to SNNU from the airport?
It is about 40 kilometers away from the city of Xi’an and about 50 kilometers away from SNNU Yanta campus. Shuttle bus service to downtown Xi’an is available for RMB26 yuan, leaving airport for downtown every half an hour and it takes about one hour. Then you may take a taxi to get to SNNU, Yanta campus for about RMB20 yuan fare. You can take a taxi at the airport to come to SNNU Yanta campus directly for about RMB150 yuan fare.
Are there shuttle buses between Yanta Campus and Chang'an Campus?
Yes, we do have shuttle buses between our two campuses, which provides more convenience for students on both campuses. For the timetable of shuttle buses, please refer to this webpage: http://www.snnu.edu.cn/inf.php?id=3698
Do I need to buy insurance?
We require that all international students should buy medical insurance. During registration period, the Ping An Annuity Insurance Company will provide insurance services for international students.
Is it necessary for me to have physical examination?
Pertaining to the law of China, if your learning period exceeds 180 days, you must have physical examination in the health center designated by the department of Shaanxi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, usually being "International Travel Healthcare Center".  
Under what kind of situation could I skip the physical examination?
There are two kinds of situation. First, you hold the effective residence permit and you have taken part in the physical examination; second, you have taken part in the physical examination in the designated hospital in China within 6 months before the application.
Is it necessary for having physical examination in Shaanxi?
Not necessary. The physical examination report signed by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureaus in China is applicable, usually being "International Travel Healthcare Center". If you have the examination in the public hospital in foreign countries, you shall submit it to Shaanxi International Travel Health Care Center for verification; the unqualified report shall require the physical examination again. 
How could I have physical examination?
There are two means. First, you can go to Shaanxi International Travel Health Care Center by yourself directly; second, the school will organize once a semester to let the students who need to take physical exam go together, usually two weeks after the registration period. 
Am I bound to take part in the physical examination organized by the school?
No. The physical examination organized by the school has fixed date and the report will be delivered 3 days after the examination. If you have a very short visa period, there''s no enough time for the physical examination. 
How much will it take for the physical examination in Shaanxi ?
About 400 Yuan. 
How can I apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship to study in SNNU?
If you intend to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, for further information please log on to the website:  http://www.csc.edu.cn/Laihua/
What kind of scholarship can I apply to study Chinese language in SNNU?
You can go to the Chinese embassy at your own country to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship to study Chinese language here.
Will the language students and visiting students get the certificate upon graduation?
Yes, the graduation certificate for language students and  visiting students will be issued by Shaanxi Normal University.
How can I reserve a dorm room on campus?
You should download the Booking Form in the download area, service section and send an Email to iso@snnu.edu.cn  to tell us your general information if you want to reserve a dorm room, including passport name, passport number, nationality, sex, etc. 
If my off-campus address changes, will I register again?
You must make registration again. If the students live off-campus, you can present the Contract of Tenancy and a copy of your passport to the public security bureau (police station office) where the residence is located and the valid period of the registration form shall exceed that of the residence permit visa.
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